What “Hunger Zero Work”

In Japan

The first step in solving world hunger and poverty is for us in Japan to learn about the problem and inform those around us.

Public Relations

We speak out to all people about physical and spiritual hunger, and challenge people in Japan to love each other as neighbors.

Lecture Circuit

We send staff to kindergartens and schools, corporations, and other organizations to present the realities of world hunger and our work combating it. We create discussions on what steps listeners can take to help solve the problem.

Events with Goodwill Ambassadors

We help organize and sponsor charity events for those suffering from hunger, poverty, and natural calamities. We also provide AV materials, staff, and goodwill ambassadors.

Rental Equipment

To facilitate raising awareness of world hunger and its relation to our lives, we lent out equipment. Please make use of it for events, classes, and lectures.

We provide 18 different versions of pictures, illustrations, and comics on size A2 panels that introduce where the world is.

We have paintings by children in developing countries.
There are 60 to 100 paintings drawn on different themes which we lent.

Work camps

We organize work camps every summer in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We help foster knowledge of the workings of international aid through field programs, work done in conjunction with the local population, and home stays. We sometimes recruit staff for overseas work from camp participants.

What“Hunger Zero Work”