Activity Report and Announcements

Domestic Operations


Rwanda Volunteer Work Camp reached capacity (Bolivia is still open!)

Thank you for inquiring and applying for the work camps this summer. The Rwanda work camp reached the maximum number of participants and we have stopped taking applications for this camp. We appreciate all of your applications. We still have spaces for the work camp in Bolivia, so please apply for this!

Cost: ¥33,8000
Deadline: June 14 (Friday)
Date: August 16 (Fri) to August 28 (Wed)
Maximum number of participants: 10

Bolivia Work Camp Info (Japanese only)


[Applications and inquiries]
Japan International Food for the Hungry (JIFH) Tokyo office person in charge: Mami Fukuchi
【 TEL 】 03-3518-0781
【 FAX 】 03-3518-0782
【 E-MAIL 】
Overseas Work Camp Application Form (Japanese only, for English applications please contact by e-mail first)

Photos from the 2010 Bolivia work camp are below!



[Tokyo] Charity concert by Gospel Tokyo (May 25)

Gospel Tokyo will be holding a charity concert on May 25. Gospel Tokyo is a gospel choir which was formed 18 years ago and now has more than 100 singers. They have held a charity concert every year since 2000, hoping they can encourage people through gospel music. They donate the profits to some charity organizations, including Japan International Food for the Hungry. Please join their concert and enjoy!!

【Flyer (Japanese only): Click to see full size】



"Canned Bread" as a delicious emergency food from Pan-Akimoto!

Are you prepared for an unexpected natural disaster? When the electricity, water and gas all stop...? We would face many problems in such a disaster, and food is one of them. Akimoto-Pan's Canned Bread is just as soft and delicious as fresh bread, can be stored long-term, and easily opened when needed!




Recruiting participants for Summer 2013 Work Camps

During July and August this year (2013) we will be taking short-term volunteer teams to work in Rwanda, Bolivia, and Malaysia. Alongside learning about problems caused by extreme poverty in developing countries, participants will have the opportunity to serve as volunteer workers in the area. The dates and costs for the 2013 work camps are as follows: