Activity Report and Announcements

Child Development Program


Classrooms building project for Kaasale Elementary School in Uganda

Let's make classrooms for the children!

There are 508 students from 1st grade to 7th grade studying at Kasaale Elementary School in Uganda. However, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students study outside under trees, as there are not enough classrooms for them. On rainy days, students cannot study. There are few days that they can study, especially during the rainy seasons from March to July, and again in November and December. Some students even quit going to school.




[The Philippines] Children studying at Apo Center believing for a bright future!

About a three hour drive from Davao city in Mindanao Island, there is village called Tibolo located half way up the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo. Today we are introducing the sponsored children in this village who receive financial support towards their education through the Child Development Project (World Foster Parents Group).

tibolo schools.jpg
[Tibolo Elementary School, where the sponsored children study]