Activity Report and Announcements


Yoshida arriving in Kumamoto, teaming up with other emergency activity members:

They arrived safely on the evening of April 16th. Originally planning to arrive in the town of Mashiki, the second earthquake in the morning of the 16th led to a change in plan resulting in our beginning operations in Kumamoto City's West District.

The following is a report directly from Tomoki Yoshida

Greetings, This evening we arrived in Kumamoto City.
Together with Pastor Nakamura from Kumamoto Harvest Church we went to the emergency shelter at Izumi Minami High School. So far we have distributed 800 canned loaves of bread.

We are also scheduled to visit emergency shelters in Mashiki Town. Some disaster victims had been able to eat little other than sparsely rationed crackers or Manju over the past two days. Many who received our bread were crying tears of gratitude because we had come all the way from Osaka to help them.

To all who have generously supported us, on behalf of everybody here, I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yoshida Tomoki




(Pastor Nakamura has now established the Kumamoto Earthquake Support Center).

We will supply future updates as we receive them. Please pray for a quick recovery.