Activity Report and Announcements


Please support our emergency fundraising effort for Kumamoto Earthquake relief.

We (JIFH) have begun emergency fundraising for disaster relief following the large earthquake in Kumamoto Prefecture on April 14th.

To send funds within Japan, please send electronic wire transfer to Japan Post Account 00170-9-68590 Nihon Kokusai Kiga Taisaku Kikou with a note :Kumamoto Earthquake.

Within the United States, please contact Mr. Takehiko Fujikawa of Ainote (Ai No Te) International at telephone number 510-568-4939 or address 8010 Phaeton Dr. Oakland, CA 94605.

For residents outside Japan or the United States, please email our Osaka Office at

Our staff member Tomoki Yoshida will be arriving in Kumamoto on April 16th to help initiate our on the ground support efforts. Bakery company Pan Akimoto who has often assisted our relief efforts is also sending staff to distribute bread and relief rations to victims of the earthquake.

We humbly ask for your loving emergency donations on behalf of the victims of this disaster. We will be adding updates shortly to our website.

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