Activity Report and Announcements


Kumamoto Earthquake, Ending of Goods Shipments

We have been blessed and are extremely grateful for the tremendous amount of inquiries and offers to help assist following the Kumamoto Earthquake.

Initially following the earthquake many areas of Kyushu had an acute shortage of food and water supplies but the situation improved dramatically yesterday which now means disaster victims have complete access to goods and supplies within Kumamoto and Kyushu, negating the need for donated goods.

As a result, Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center with whom we have operated has announced that they are no longer accepting donated goods destined for Kumamoto. Following this announcement we are also no longer accepting donated goods for Kumamoto.

We would like to express our warmest gratitude for many generous donations as well as the tremendous efforts of many within the local region of Kumamoto and throughout Kyushu who have made this transition possible. What has been requested of us in lieu of goods is for financial support in order to help purchase goods, supplies, and services already locally available within Kyushu.

JIFH currently has three staff members dispatched to Kumamoto. They have been providing us all with information, sorting and distributing goods, and managing support projects since they arrived.

Going forward we will continue providing up to date information about the needs of disaster victims as the situation around us continues evolving. We thank everybody for your patience and understanding. Please continue to check for updates and pray for the people of Kumamoto.