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An update from Tomoki Yoshida, who is currently engaged in relief work in Nepal

On May 20th, I visited the Sindhupalchok district with the KFHI emergency relief team to collect information about the situation for reconstruction after the last earthquake.

When we drove to Chautara (the main city of Sindhupalchok district) by car, mudslides made our passage difficult, but we somehow got there. I saw teams from the Red Cross and the United Nations cooperating to run a big evacuation center there.






The child care program provided there was impressive to me. They provided a tent for the children to play and relax without worry.

Currently, the children in Nepal face the risk of illegal human trafficking. According to the local media, the children are kidnapped due to the potentially low security of evacuation life in tents, and then sold by traffickers.

One of the most efficient ways to protect children is to reopen schools, but the speed of reconstruction solely depends on the wealth of local community. While several schools in the neighboring areas aim to reopen in the end of May, the school of Badegaun in Sindhupalchok (capable of roughly 500-600 students) has no plan of resuming for now. People in the community are concerned and frustrated.


Badegaun school
There are many cracks due to the recent earthquake.


I hope that these children can go back to school soon.
(a KFHI staff member on the left)

Please extend a helping hand for disaster-stricken Nepalese.
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