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Classrooms building project for Kaasale Elementary School in Uganda

Let's make classrooms for the children!

There are 508 students from 1st grade to 7th grade studying at Kasaale Elementary School in Uganda. However, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students study outside under trees, as there are not enough classrooms for them. On rainy days, students cannot study. There are few days that they can study, especially during the rainy seasons from March to July, and again in November and December. Some students even quit going to school.


The sand fleas, which are common in this area, are another problem. It's dangerous for barefoot children to take classes sitting outside since the sand fleas bite. Normally, a sand flea's length is 1mm; however, they can grow up to 1 cm by feeding on blood. Female fleas bite the sole of the foot and around the nail to penetrate the skin so that they can lay eggs. This makes the children's feet very itchy, but if children scratch, the wound will fester. Children can even die.


Basic education is essential for children in Kasaale to escape from hunger and build a new future. Despite being poor, adults in the region have made adobe bricks for the project. Many people in Japan have contributed funds for this project. Thank to this fundraising and support, the construction that started last year is now in the second phase. However, to complete it, we still need 500 units (one unit is 5000 yen). We wish to complete the construction before the rainy season begins. Thank you for your cooperation!


If you'd like to donate, please click here to go to our online donation page (Japanese only). You can also call our office at 072-920-2225 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are in the U.S., please contact our local partner, Ainote, located in Oakland, CA.
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