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Photos of Typhoon-Struck Leyte from Food for the Hungry Philippines

Staff from Food for the Hungry Philippines, one of our local partners in the Philippines, sent us these pictures showing the dreadful condition of Leyte island which was hit by Typhoon Haiyan recently.

Tacloban City.jpg
Leyte Island in the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan with strong wind-like tornados and a waves higher than the buildings, and huge damage was reported from its coastal area to inland. Large numbers of people have already been reported dead, but still many people are missing (including some Japanese). It is assumed that the damage will continue to spread. Two JIFH staff are leaving for the Philippines on 14th. They have already contacted with local partners, and they will do whatever is most needed to work with our local partners to respond to the disaster. Please support their relief work - we are are currently accepting donations to the emergency fund. Also if you are well informed about local information in the Philippines, please let us know by contacting our Osaka office.

Tacloban City2.jpg
Tacloban City3.jpg

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