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The first Hunger-Zero Vending Machine with emergency supplies box!!

The first Hunger-Zero vending machine and emergency storage box were placed in front of the main office of Pan-Akimoto, one of our partner companies. A part of the sales of this machine (10yen per beverage) will be donated towards the "Hunger-Zero Africa" cause and its activities. Hunger Zero Africa aims to end world hunger, starting in Africa, through helping people suffering from hunger and poverty work towards development. In the emergency storage box, which was placed with the machine at the same time, there are 100 sets of canned-bread and bottled water. These will be given away for free as emergency foods in the case of a natural disaster occurring in Japan. The canned-bread and water bottles will be replaced before the expiration date by Kirin Beverage without requiring financial compensation. And those unopened cans of bread will be sent to some countries where people are suffering from hunger, and the water bottles will be provided to the victims of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.


Excerpt from Yomiuri Newspaper: (Tochigi, June20, 2013)


"Buying a drink can help Africa."

A new vending machine was placed in Nasu-Shiobara city on the 19th. When you buy one beverage like a juice bottle from this machine, 10yen will be donated to people in Africa who are suffering from hunger. Kirin Beverage, a big company in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, provides this machine. To undertake this new venture, Kirin is partnering with Japan International Food for Hungry (JIFH), which is a non-profit organization in Osaka, and Pan-Akimoto, which makes canned-bread in Nasu-Shiobara city. The goal this year is placing these machines in 100 locations.

The installation personnel of this machine will pay one part of its sales (10yen per a beverage) to JIFH, and then the money will be used for the countries facing extreme hunger such as Ethiopia and Kenya. In the emergency storage box which is offered for the installer, there are 96 cans of bread and 96 330ml water bottles.


On June 19, The first Hunger-Zero vending machine was placed in front of Pan-Akimoto's main building in Higashikoya, Nasu-Shiobara. The emergency storage box was also placed right next to the machine in preparation for a natural disaster. Kirin Beverage is a beverage company, and it has the 4th highest market share of vending machines in Japan, owning about 200,000 vending machines. This company has also been involved in water well excavation programs in Mali, Africa. Pan-Akimoto is also positive about international co-operation; this company has been running the "Kyu-Can-Cho project" since 2009, in which they send canned-bread to Africa in co-operation with JIFH. They have been thinking about a new cooperative attempt using vending machines since they attended the Food Expo the year before last.

"We will sell more of these machines by their point of difference." Kirin Beverage is eager to carry on this project. Pan-Akimoto also notices a good reaction, saying "We have already received some inquiries from supermarkets and transport companies." (Nobuhiko Akimoto, General Manager of Sales Division)

How to Install the Vending Machine:

The vending machine can be set in a place that is as open for all to see as possible, has 1/3 tsubo space and a power source. The staff will check and judge whether the location is suitable at the end. You can set the emergency box inside of the building, not right next to the vending machine. It doesn't need a power source. Kirin beverage or their co-operative company will fill and maintain the machine, gather the used bottles and cans, and manage the sales.

Thank you for considering installing one of these machines!

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