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"Canned Bread" as a delicious emergency food from Pan-Akimoto!

Are you prepared for an unexpected natural disaster? When the electricity, water and gas all stop...? We would face many problems in such a disaster, and food is one of them. Akimoto-Pan's Canned Bread is just as soft and delicious as fresh bread, can be stored long-term, and easily opened when needed!


This yummy bread is made using a special process allowing it to be stored long-term. There are three to choose from; orange, raisin, and strawberry. You can have your favorite flavored fresh baked bread anywhere, anytime, you want!
Nowadays many schools and companies have these stored as emergency supplies. Would you like to keep some in your home as well?
There is currently a special price for12 cans (3 flavors ×4/ea) for only ¥5000!
(The regular price was ¥1260 + ¥600 shipping for only 3 cans.)
For this special offer, shipping is free for one address.
(If you live in Hokkaido, Okinawa or another isolated island, the shipping fee is ¥1,200.)
In addition to this special price, for a limited time only you will get a free "daily care set" CHUKYOIYAKUHIN CO. This daily care set was popular as a gift for Mother`s Day.


[How to order]
Please send your home address, name and contact number to Kingdom Business via FAX or website.

■ By FAX: 072-640-6824
■Online Order: (Japanese only)