Activity Report and Announcements


[Pakistan] Job training and independence support program for unemployed women

In November 2012, JIFH started self-reliance support program in ShahWalla Village, Multan, in Punjab province. This is an education- based program which helps people identify problems in their daily life and solve the problem by themselves.

[Women learning sewing work with sewing machines]

In ShahWalla village, the literacy rate for over 15-year-old is about 20%, and 60% of workers are day laborers. Sanitary conditions are bad, and only about 25% of the area has toilets installed. This area was damaged badly by a flood in 2010. Through the emergency relief after this disaster, my church and hospital started to build a relationship with this area.

First of all, we started education for leaders in this area. This program had 9 classes and in the classes people learned about what it meant to be a self-sustainable community, leadership, problem solving and more. After this program, we discussed with leaders, and we decided to start a job training program for women who have barely any opportunities to earn money.

One of the women and leaders, Sahjita, repaired her hut and offered it to be used to host the program. Also, from this May, she started teaching sewing and embroidery techniques for free. Our future issue is creating job opportunities for women who learn the sewing technique so they are able to consistently bring in money. These women want to donate 5% of their income for their village. We also started moral education which is based on health education and the Bible for about 15 volunteers in this village from February 2013. They visit houses to teach people what they learn.

[Sahjita (left) and Kyoumi Mizukami]

 "Starting with what we can"

We had many difficulties. After the big flood in 2010, many organizations came from inside and outside of Pakistan for help. It was necessary at that time, however, as a result even after the emergency period many people began to think that they could get something for free whenever they saw people from outside of their community. In ShahWalla village, people were assuming that we would build a school or job training center, and a few people though they could get money if they joined the leader training. It will take a long time for people to realize that they need to start by doing what they can do and support each other for their own community. There are many Muslims in this area. We hope to have a good relationship with them and support them through this project, and share the love of our God with them.

(Pakistan Women's Christian Hospital, Kyoumi Mizukami)