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[The Philippines] Children studying at Apo Center believing for a bright future!

About a three hour drive from Davao city in Mindanao Island, there is village called Tibolo located half way up the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo. Today we are introducing the sponsored children in this village who receive financial support towards their education through the Child Development Project (World Foster Parents Group).

tibolo schools.jpg
[Tibolo Elementary School, where the sponsored children study]


Jefferson (14 years old)

His family belongs to a minority race, and he has parents and 4 siblings. He used to live in Davao city with his family. However, his mother fell ill and they couldn`t live only on his father's income from construction work. Then Jefferson started living with his grandparents with his 4-year-old sister 3 years ago.


His grandfather is very old and can`t work because of pain in his body. His grandmother helps harvesting corn, abaca (Manila hemp), and coffee in other people`s fields, and makes a living from her daily wages.

"I want to be a teacher in the future."

Jefferson studies hard and his school record is great, especially in math and science. He graduated from elementary school in this March, and he is going to enter a high school (the equivalent of Japanese junior high and high school combined into a 4-year curriculum.) He dreams of becoming a teacher, but he has a big challenge in order to accomplish his goal; finishing high school! He has a fulfilled heart in a very simple life, and he is moving forward using what God gives him.

Jasmine 14 years old

Jasmine also lives in Tibolo village, and is currently in the first year of high school. She was chosen as a representative of the graduating students when she graduated from elementary school. Her family members are her parents, one brother and one cousin. Her father is a farmer, and her mother works at her uncle's store.

She wakes up at 4 am and makes her lunch, then goes to school with her friend. It takes an hour and a half to walk to her school. It`s harder to go to school during rainy season because of the muddy road. However, even if it is difficult to commute to her school, she believes that continuing her study will help her to reach a bright future.

Supporting her family through her designing talent

Since her mother is still working when Jasmine comes back from school, she cooks dinner and washes the dishes. She does her homework after that and goes to bed at 9pm. When she doesn`t have school or she has free time, she makes some traditional bracelets or other accessories. She is good at these handcrafts and talented with designing dresses. She can earn money by selling her products and by doing so she can contribute to the family budget.


Please support children like Jefferson and Jasmine! We are now looking for child supporters for children in four countries including Apo Center in the Philippines.