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Report from FH Philippines about Philippines Floods

Report from FH Philippines
August 9 near Makati, Rizal

Three days of monsoon rains caused flooding in nine provinces in the Philippines. The flooding forced approximately 250,000 people from their homes. Many of Food for the Hungry's communities located near fast-moving, overflowing rivers have evacuated.


Several FH staff have experienced flooding in their homes,too. Here is an update from our Executive Director from the field:

Up to 70 percent of Metro Manila is under water. On Tues morning, rain stopped for a while, but in the afternoon, strong rains were experienced again. The floods were rising.

Four of Food for the Hungry's communities have been affected:

1. Catmon, Malabon had flooding up to a person's chest-level and still flooded as of this writing. The only means of transportation were rubber boats. Families are currently in Catmon elementary school. The flood entered the churches, so they could not open to shelter families. They've had no electricity for two days.

2. In Navotas, they had passable roads on Tues morning, but in the afternoon, it's red code again. Water was up to waist level. Families have been relocated to a site. Our leaders in the community have started soup kitchen to feed affected families at the relocation site. They had no electricity for two days now.

3. In Rizal, 80 families are staying at San Jose Elementary school, while 130 families from Tibag are staying at Burgos Elementary school. Our partner church Bethel Christian Assembly provided cooked meals to families and opened the church as temporary shelter to our FH families.

4. In Bulacan, 40 families living near the river were evacuated. At lunch time, they were already released because the leaders have been informed that the nearby dam won't release any water anymore.

Immediate needs are cooked food, drinking water, medicines, clothes, mats and blankets.


We have started responding through soup kitchen in Navotas and Rizal. We'll continue to do so. We plan to provide food relief, drinking water and mats and blankets. We are currently coordinating with some local partners for medical check-ups, because some children are already sick.