Activity Report and Announcements


June 9 Supplies and messages arrived from the U.S. for the disaster-victims

Over 100 groups of disaster-victims visit JIFH's warehouse daily. They are situated in a variety of conditions:

some have their houses washed away by the Tsunami, some have just moved in temporary housing, and some rents apartments or live with their relatives due to their personal reasons which prevent them from staying at evacuation centers. They all come to the warehouse for their daily necessities, sometimes forming a short queue in front of the warehouse.


This past Monday (June 6), arrived from the U.S were a large quantity of daily necessities, such as bottled water, socks, baby diapers, adult diapers, quilts, tote bags, stationary, toys and so forth.


Immediately after their arrival, the supplies were made available to the visitors, who were amazed by the wide variety as well as the large quantity of each item. The visitors' faces with an expression of anxiety lit up when they read comforting messages sent with the supplies.



Mr. & Mrs. Kaiki Suzuki, who live in the state of Oregon U.S.A. took a key role in making this shipment happen. Since they saw the news coverage of the quake-and-tsunami disaster, they had been trying to figure out what they could do for the people of Japan. Learned that their neighbors shared the same feeling, they set up an organization called REACH JAPAN and started collecting funds and supplies.

When they were looking for a consignee of their first shipment to Japan, they became aware of JIFH' efforts to meet the disaster-victims' needs through Pan Akimoto Co., Ltd., a JIFH's partner firm. REACH JAPAN plans to provide continual support to the affected people through JIFH's efforts of reaching out to them.