Activity Report and Announcements


March 25 Relief supplies arrived from Yao City, and handed to the quake-victims

Reported by a JIFH staff member Tomoki Yoshida from Sendai

In the late afternoon of 24th of March, upon arrival of relief supplies from Yao City, JIFH staff members and volunteers unloaded the truck and opened the boxes in a warehouse, which JIFH rents in Sendai City.

The boxes were filled with supplies that are most in need, such as instant soup noodles, crackers and canned food. Kompeito, star-shaped sugar candy, found among those supplies will surely be welcomed by not only children but also the elderly.

Gazing at highly-stacked supplies, an old lady repeatedly murmured "I can't hold back my tears." , She drove from an evacuation center using valuable petroleum to pick up necessities. Her house in Natori City was completely washed away by the Tsunami waves, she said.

"Are you sure I can receive this much?" she appeared uneasy. When a JIFH staff member answered "These supplies were all donated and brought in here for the suffering people of Tohoku, like you. Please do not feel hesitant but pick up as much as you need", she thanked him with a deep bow, wiping her tears.

Hard-working volunteers who came to organize the relief supplies (bottom photo)