Activity Report and Announcements


March 23 Yao City and JIFH join hands in the transportation of relief supplies

Yao City government and JIFH have agreed to cooperate in the efforts of delivering relief supplies to the victims of Tohoku-Kanto earthquake.

Responding to Yao City government's request for donations released on the 16th of March through its official website and neighborhood associations, its citizens have brought into the city gymnasium approximately 10 tons worth of relief supplies such as disposal diapers, instant soup noodles, bottled water, canned food, baby formula and women's sanitary products. However, due to the increasing demand for trucks nationwide, it has become extremely difficult for the city government to secure a means of transportation.

Learning about that situation, JIFH offered its cooperation to the city government. As a result, a 10-ton truck chartered by JIFH left for Sendai City on the 23rd after it was loaded with relief supplies donated by JIFH supporters and the citizens of Yao City.

“We are very grateful for the offer as it enables us to deliver our citizen's donations and sympathy to the affected people as soon as possible. ” a Yao City official said.
Yao-city-based JIFH is also pleased that, in cooperation with the city government, it could make a contribution to delivering the citizen's goodwill to the quake-hit areas.