Activity Report and Announcements


Supporting Networks Composed by Domestic and International Teams

Mr. Seike, Managing Director and Mr. Shin on 16th had put things in order for preparations for rescue missions.

As an initial activity what JIFH is going to do is distribute many blankest, 1,000 cooked rice in a vacuum pack, 1,000 underclothes, and supplies like many pocket body warmers and the kinds. JIFH is also planning to get connected with local churches in Sendai-city and churches in Eastern areas of Japan and supply food together with them.

Samaritan Purse, a big rescue organization from USA and another rescue team based on 30 British Christians are joining in this urgent mission. More than that three advance agents are going to arrive at the place in order for them to send a medical team from Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI). These teams from other counties are going to stay in the same base together with JIFH.

A multinational rescue team like this has been formed since the team (made up of seven nations) for the victims of Hanshin-Awaji earthquake in 1995 and this time we are likely to have an international band again from foreign partners for the catastrophe of Japan.


Mr. Seike (on the right) and Mr. Shin, staves of JIFH who have been at work in Sendai-city for preparations for rescue missions.