Activity Report and Announcements


Receiving cheering from Hee Ah Lee, Yuri Mori

JIFH has been receiving a cheer from Hee Ah Lee, called as a miracle pianist with four fingers who are going to be a guest for "Hunger Zero Charity Concerts" which are going to be held on March, 2011

As Hee Ah Lee who is touring through five big cities in Japan started from Osaka saying, "I together with my mother have been watching TV, and praying for the lots of victims of the calamity. I am going to come and visit Japan soon, I will give all my heart to play the piano to encourage the tolls of the Japan's huge earthquake. Please everyone, take a good care!" in Korea from Hee Ah Lee.

And Yuri Mori, a goodwill ambassador who went around places in Taiwan right before the earthquake has given an encouraging message to JIFH, she says, "I can do nothing except for praying for Japan after knowing of the big earthquake, I've been so shocked to see it. There are some groups of people living in the northeast area and belonging to Mori Yuri Melody Society which we have not been able to have a contact with yet. In Taiwan people who gathered at my concerts also prayed and raised money for the victims. Though many of the people have been going through a tough time now, I am praying for what I can do for them. May God give His protection upon everyone there" in Taiwan. (Ms. Yuri is going to appear in "Hunger Zero Charity Concert" two times)