Activity Report and Announcements


Preparation for prospective supports and Confirmation of a place as a base camp

At night in March 14th, 2011, JIFH had a report from Mr. Seike, Managing Director who reached to the most wanted places. He said, "people at the places are very in need of food, water, blankets, cloths and all other things. And gasoline has been greatly needed at the local places, the local people are having a hard time not to be able to get food, and to visit how their relatives are who lives in not near places without transportations "

JIFH with full support from "Meisen Gakuen", a pre-school (Izumi-ward, Sendai-city) could find a place as a base camp for any upcoming activity, therefore from now on JIFH can receive relief from all over the world to the earthquake victims and provide an accomodation for volunteers.

JIFH is planing to bring the relief and supply food at the base for the victims and to send volunteers to places.

And together with "Samaritan Purse", a big supporting organizaion from USA which has offered a proposal right after the earthquake, JIFH is going to help the people with feasible supplies and volunteers.

JIFH has started collecting "Urgent fund-raising" for the earthquake victims
Postal Transfer:00170-9-68590 Japan International Food for the Hungry(日本国際飢餓対策機構)
pls. mention "For Earth quake Japan" in a form