Activity Report and Announcements


March 23 Base-camp moved to Aoba-ward in Sendai City

Meisen kindergarten reopening tomorrow (March 24) to resume pre-schooling, JIFH will relocate its base-camp(s) today to 2 separate places in Sendai City: YWCA Sendai and Sendai Church of the Korean Christian Church in Japan, both located in Aoba-ward.

JIFH staff members and volunteers will take up lodgings in and continue their relief effort out of those base-camps. JIFH managing director Hirohisa Seike, who takes the leadership of relief operations there, will be stationed in YWCA Sendai.

JIFH takes this opportunity to express its respect to the staff of Meisen kindergarten, who quickly responded to the needs of the affected people immediately after the earthquake and has been reaching out to the community since. JIFH is very grateful for Meisen's full cooperation to their relief operations, such as the permission of the use of their facilities and provision of relief supplies.