Activity Report and Announcements


March 22 Vegetables for soup-run come from Miyazaki prefecture

Planning to conduct soup-run service in Sendai City, Japan International Food for the Hungry has decided to procure ingredients,such as vegetables, rice and miso (fermented soybean) paste, from eruption-stricken farmers in Miyazaki prefecture. A Kobe-based non-profit organization will coordinate the procurement.

In collaboration with National Disaster Relief Network, the Kobe-based non-profit organization "NGO Collaboration Center for HANSHIN QUAKE Rehabilitation" has been engaged in supporting the victims of the January 26th volcanic eruption of Mount. Shinmoe. Learning that the affected farmers in Miyazaki prefecture are stuck with ash-covered vegetables with no market value, the Center has set up a new project of sending Miyazaki vegetables to the quake-hit areas in East Japan aimed at helping victims in both regions. "Volcanic ashes wash off and vegetables are perfectly edible" the Center staff says.

The expense of purchasing the vegetables will be covered by the fund-drive called "Vegetable Supporters" run by the Center. JIFH learned about their project and offered its cooperation through Kansai NGO Council. "Farmers in Miyazaki prefecture are very happy that their vegetables will be used for helping the quake-victims in East Japan." the Center staff says. JIFH hopes that hot meals made with vegetables grown by disaster-stricken farmers of Miyazaki will warm the hearts of evacuees in Sendai City and give encouragements to the victims of both regions.