Activity Report and Announcements


March 22 Soup-run service scheduled for 23rd, March

In cooperation with a disaster-relief volunteer team of Japan Evangelical Free Church Council, JIFH plans to serve hot meals to the quake-victims on the 23rd.

The soup-run will take place at Sendai Evangelical Free Church located at 5-3-9 Kawahira, Aoba-ward in Sendai City. Some quake-hit members of the church will join the relief operation as volunteer workers.

JIFH is currently looking for another venue for serving hot meals to the victims as Meisen kindergarten, where they initially planned to set up a soup-run, is no longer available.

JIFH, teamed up with 7 relief organizations from home and abroad consist of more than 50 volunteers in total, has been engaged in relief operation in and around Sendai City.