Activity Report and Announcements


Airlift of 100 tons of materials from Samaritan's Purse in US.

Samaritan's Purse, a large-scale relief international relief organization from USA has arrived in the base in Sendai and we brought cup noodles, water, tea, toilet paper, and sanitary products as the first critical material to a junior-high school which is one of the safe shelters in Tagajo-city.

Team members visited Miyagi prefectural government and had a meeting with the vice-governor, Mr. Miura. He said to us, "We appreciate your support. Please keep doing".

We will distribute food and water again in the city tomorrow and start soup-run next week in Aoba-ward and Izumi-ward where we have the operation base.

Pan Akimoto (From Nasugahara in Tochigi Prefecture), one of our cooperative firm donated 1500 cans of bread. A cattle farmer responded to our call and donated 1000 packed milk.

Samaritan's Purse organized a cargo jet to airlift about 100 tons of emergency aid, including blankets, hygiene supplies, heavy-duty plastic tarps, and water filtration systems. The plane is scheduled to arrive in Japan on Saturday. 

JIFH Osaka office is organizing to collect materials such as 4,000 blankets, 7,000 hot pads, clothes, sanitary products, baby bottles, diapers, and powder milk and bring them to Sendai-city. And more people are involved in collecting aid materials and organizing the delivery. Some firms responded to the call of Kagawa Association of Corporate Executive through Cecile (Kagawa Prefecture) which organized blankets. And they decided to donate water, 12,000 retort food and other materials.

We will continue our efforts to obtain aid supplies to deliver to as many people possible.