Activity Report and Announcements


A great need to rescue people at home as well

At the base in Izumi-ward, Sendai-city, Mr. Seike, Managing Director of JIFH gives a report of a severe situation hit by Tsunami.

According to him saying, "There in the wanted places are the many victims not only at shelters but also their own houses in this Izumi-city. They have no food, no daily commodities and nothing. They can't use cars with no gasoline. Though unfortunately their houses were not totally destroyed but a situation with no food and supplies have annoyed them greatly.

When a teacher of Meisen-Gakuen", kindergarten which has now become the base visited a family there, he found that they are surviving anyway with canned food. The family members were moved even with tears when receiving five cup-noodles from the hands of the teacher."

"A hot spring in the city had opened it up with efforts, although about 1,600 people were waiting in a long line even to have "10 minutes-taking a bath, but the people were so happy about it"

JIFH has decided to supply food in order to try to meet a great need of the victims in Izumi-ward as it is following a same activity from Aoba-ward in Sendai-city.

A few Brazilians from Nagoya who lost their ways to live in Japan at the moment of bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers are also going to join in a rescue activity with a passion saying "In order to respond to the kindness of which Japanese and their Churches and JIFH showed and gave us, Brazilians life again at the crisis, this is now our time to save the people suffering in Northeast areas!"